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I made changes to my property. How long will it take for any changes to be made to my assessed value and when are taxes due on that change?

Any changes made to your property, such as remodeling, additions, creating new lots, or destruction of property will not be reflected in your property assessment until the following year.  The assessment date of all property is January 1 of each year.  All changes in property during one calendar year will first be a part of the assessment completed in May or June of the following year.  The taxes based on those new assessments will not be due until the following year.  For example, if you make a change to your property in 2010, the change will be reflected in the 2011 assessed value completed in the spring or summer of 2011.  You will receive a tax bill based on that changed assessment in December of 2011 and the tax bill is payable in January and July of 2012.

Questions concerning taxes ought to be addressed to the neighborhood county treasurer. Earning certifications could be required by a possible employer.

If you’re 65 years old or older, or in case you are getting disability payments, you can qualify for Kentucky’s Homestead Exemption. The County Treasurer is accountable for the selection of property taxes. On the other hand, the tax record isn’t going to display the new owner until the following tax year.