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What is the Board of Review and what purpose does this board serve?

The Board of Review acts like a court and makes its determination on the evidence presented.  All evidence must be given as sworn, oral testimony.  You must present evidence to explain your reasoning of what you think your property is worth.  Evidence can include:

*Recent sale of the subject property

*Recent sales of similar properties in your neighborhood, if any

*Other factors showing why you feel the assessment is incorrect, such as cost approach to value, income approach to value, outside appraisals, and assessments of comparable properties.

The assessor will provide evidence in defense of the assessment.  Then the board will determine the market value of your property based on the oral testimony presented from both sides.  A written notice of the board’s decision will be mailed to you before the board adjourns.

To appear before the Board of Review, you will need to fill out a formal objection form available from the municipal clerk.  This should be done 48 hours before the first Board of Review meeting.